Culture House of Rezekne National Societies

Culture House of Rezekne National Societies was founded on April 8, 2004. Its director is Svetlana Semeņaka, its artistic director is Igors Mihailovs.

Culture House of National Societies was established with the aim to preserve, integrate and develop the culture of different nationalities living in Rezekne, to promote the consolidation of society, to acquaint the society with the peculiarities of national cultures, to organize leisure opportunities for citizens.


Russian choir ``Beregiņi``

Russian choir “Beregiņi”

Russian ensemble ``Harmonija``

Russian ensemble “Harmonija”

Ukrainian ensemble ``Vodograj``

Ukrainian ensemble “Vodograj”

Polish Choir ``Jutrzenka``

Polish Choir “Jutrzenka”

Theater “Joriks”

Theater “Joriks”

Children's dance group ``Ručejok``

Children’s dance group “Ručejok”

Children's choreographic ensemble ``Kolorīts``

Children’s choreographic ensemble “Kolorīts”

Children's vocal ensemble ``Zdravinka``

Children’s vocal ensemble “Zdravinka”

Cossack song ensemble “Lazorevij cvetok”

Cossack song ensemble “Lazorevij cvetok”

Russian romance ensemble ``Intriga``

Russian romance ensemble “Intriga”

Rezekne Belarusian vocal ensemble “Suzorje”

Rezekne Belarusian vocal ensemble “Suzorje”


Atbrīvošanas aleja 97, Rezekne
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