Children’s dance collective “Dziguchi” (“Dziguči”)

Children’s dance collective “Dziguchi” has been operating since 1999. Gunta Sidorova is the leader of the dance collective. Dance skills are developed by an approximately of 60 dancers. “Dziguči” has participated in the General Latvian Song and Dance Festival with dance performance “My world”. Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival, in 2006 in Belarus received the third degree diploma at the International Children’s Youth Festival, danced at Latgale television music festivals in Rēzekne and Daugavpils.

The collective regularly organizes the preschool children’s festival “Dzigucs”, which takes place in Rēzekne, inviting children from all over Latvia to dance.

Contact information

Leader: Gunta Sidorova
Contacts: tel. +371 29299386,
The team operates in Rēzekne Culture House

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