Middle generation dance collective “Dziga”

The dance collective “Dziga” was founded in 1991, starting dancing in September of the same year under the auspices of the Rezekne Teachers’ Institute. The founders of the dance collective “Dziga” are Inga Drele and Ilmārs Dreļs and the dance collective unites 50 dancers.

The second composition of the dance collective “Dziga” – the middle generation dance collective – was founded in 1998. In 25 years, almost 250 dancers have grown up with the folk dance and music at “Dziga”.

The chapel “Dziga” helps to maintain the joy of dancing. The aim of the dance collective and chapel “Dziga” is to popularize the folk dances and melodies of Latgale region, which are often collected and identified by themselves, and to create dance and music programs based on folklore. The chapel “Dziga” is singing folk songs based on ethnographic sources in the Latgalian language, that is the main basis for dance choreographies created by Ilmārs Dreļs.

The repertoire of the dance collective “Dziga” is created by the choreographer and the head of the dance festival Ilmārs Dreļs, collective has won prizes in different Latvian Creative dance competitions, that are included in the repertoire of the General Latvian Song and Dance Festival (“Kūmas”, “Zynu, zynu tāva sātu”, “Tec, peļeite” etc.).

The dance collective and chapel “Dziga” has extensive concert experience both in Latvian events and in foreign festivals, city presentations and fellowship events outside Latvia.

Contact information

Leader: Ilmārs Dreļs
Contacts: tel. +371 29128199, drels@inbox.lv

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