Middle generation dance collective “Vadji” (“Vadži”)

Rēzekne State Gymnasium and Rezekne Culture House dance collective “Vadji” exists and has been active since 1997. For a long time, its leader was Ineta Gleizda, but since September 2014, the collective has been led by Inga Peļņa.

The collective has participated in the General Latvian Song and Dance Festival. The collective of young people, due to graduating from the gymnasium, experiences a change of composition every year.

The middle generation collective, on the other hand, has been virtually unchanged since its inception. The ensemble participates in concert tours in Latvia and Europe, and is a regular participant in the Festival of European Nations (Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Hungary, Italy). “Vadji” has also given concerts in Slovakia, Luxembourg and Russia.

Number of participants in – 18 (for young people) and 20 (for middle generation collective).

Contact information

Leader: Inga Peļņa
Contacts: tel. +371 26119945, ingapelna@inbox.lv
The collective operates in Rēzekne Culture House

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