Choreographic dance ensemble “Kolorīts”

Choreographic dance ensemble “Kolorīts” was founded in 2012, its leader is Jolanta Roslova. The ensemble consists of about 40 dancers, in 4 generation groups: the first youngest group is 3-4 years old, the second youngest is 4-5 years old, the middle group is 6-7 years old and the oldest group is 8-10 years old. Dancers are admitted to the ensemble from the age of 3.

The repertoire includes dances of various styles. It is possible to learn classical, foreign and modern dances. Much attention is paid to posture formation, coordination and development of children’s individual abilities.

Every year, the dance ensemble participates in a Christmas song concert, on June 1, a child protection day concert, as well as in various events organized by Rezekne Mothers Club. The collective has participated in the Preschool education institution event “Joy of Children’s Play” (orig.latv. “Bērnu spēles prieks”), “Anna’s Days” (orig.latv. “Annas dienas”), etc.

Contact information

Leader Jolanta Roslova
Contacts: tel. +371 29120948
The collective operates in the Culture House of Rezekne National Societies

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