Andrejs Paulāns folk applied art studio

Pottery in Latgale is a unique field of crafts, starting from the Neolithic period, when archaeological research shows evidence of the economic life of our ancestors and its material evidence in clay. Until the 21st century, pottery has taken various zigzag paths, emphasizing the practical application here, emphasizing the decorativeness of the work. However, in spite of nothing, Latgale ceramic tableware is based on the forms of household dishes, which have been formed historically and in close connection with their practical application. The shapes of the cooking pot, milk pot, churn, oil vessels, honey vessels, mating dishes are still important in ceramics.

Folk art, including its branch of pottery, is a form of collective artistic activity. It is only real and strong if it is based on the experience of collective action. In this experience, every single master of folk art tries to listen and find advice, so he strengthens himself and also the persistence of the folk art tradition. A set of masters of folk art is being formed – the creator and transmitter of tradition.

Latgale Ceramics Studio was officially established in 1976, it was active thanks to the interest of art scientist Jānis Pujāts (1925-1988) and strategic management style at the Rezekne Local History Museum. The organization united 42 potters from Latgale, in 1986 the studio was awarded the honorable title of “folk” studio, at that time there were 19 masters of Folk Art. The studio had developed an active and wide-ranging exhibition, took care of attracting new potters, the participants of the studio regularly increased their skills. Over time, various changes took place, the head of the studio J.Pujāts was replaced by potters Pēteris Iruks, Evalds Vasilevskis, later – Antons Kūkojs, Olga Deksne and Leonards Vincevičs.

In 1986, the study was decided to be called Andrejs Paulāns Folk Applied Art Studio.

In the early 1990s, various processes began in the country, which to some extent also influenced the professional activity of potters and the existence of the studio. Due to various reasons, during this period, the unified ceramics organization was divided into separate structures, thus several ceramics organizations operate in the territory of Latgale – “A. Paulāns Folk applied art studio ”, Latvian Culture Fund group “Pūdnīku skūla”, “Rezekne district potters”, Folk applied art studio “Latgale” in Daugavpils.

Around 2000, other masters of applied arts joined the potters of A.Paulāns’ studio, thus currently 13 potters, 2 masters of hard leather processing, one wood turner, one wood carver worked in the studio. The participants of the studio are experienced craftsmen, everyone has their own work premises, which can be visited by applying in advance and agreeing on the time and payment procedure.

The studio is an open organization, which is ready to cooperate with craftsmen from other regions, participates in the applied arts of the Republic, organized by the State Agency for Intangible Culture, the Folk Art Union and other organizations.

Contact information

Leader Evija Vasilevska
Contacts: tel. +371 26382112, +371 64622464,,
The studio operates in the Latgale Culture and History Museum

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