Folk applied art studio “Dzīpariņš”

Folk Applied Art Studio (FAAS) “Dzīpariņš” was founded in 1978. The main task of the study is to preserve the skills of ancient crafts, integrate them into contemporary art and culture and pass them on to future generations. Although the main goal is to preserve ancient traditions and crafts, the participants of the art studio try to follow new trends in the field of handicrafts.

During many years of operation, folk costumes, woven national scarves, linen towels, blankets and tablecloths, woolen blankets and various floor mats, knitted socks and gloves, archeological skirts and other folk clothing elements, flags for amateur groups have been made.

There are active, creative and experienced women working in the studio, three of them are masters of the Latvian Chamber of Crafts, one is the prentice of the Latvian Chamber of Crafts, eight participants are masters of folk arts and crafts. From 2000 the study was supervised by Regīna Gudrika, since 2009 the supervisor is Anita Kairiša.

The creations of the members of FAAS “Dzīpariņš” delight the hearts of people of Latgale and Latvia, as well as other countries near and far. Love handicrafts have found a home all over the world – in Estonia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Argentina, Canada, America and Australia.

Every year FAAS “Dzīpariņš” participates in local and national exhibitions, fairs and projects. In cooperation with the Francis Trasuns Museum “Kolnasāta” in Sakstagals Parish, Rezekne Region, the project “Latgale Shoulder Scarf Collection” supported by the State Culture Capital Fund has been implemented. In 2007, the project “The Power of Folk Heritage in Latgale Home Art Ornamentation or Writings” was implemented, which was supported by the Latgale Culture Program. In 2011, the project “Latgale historical gloves and socks” was implemented. “Dzīpariņš” participates in several exhibitions every year. The most significant is “Selfmade fabrics of folk costumes and clothing”, which reflected the most characteristic folk clothing fabrics of Latgale and Latvian region. In 2008, 11 authors with 23 works took part in the large-scale “Big Song Festival Exhibition” – belts, fabrics, scarves, towels, tablecloths, blankets, as well as floor paths. In 2013, at the Song and Dance Festival exhibition “Light Comes Different” were exhibited knitted mittens (2 authors), woven belts (4 authors), shoulder scarves (2 authors), woven towels (1 author) and other works. “Dzīpariņš” participated in the song festival opening exhibitions in Latvian regions with woven bedspreads. In 2014, 19 authors with 156 works participated in the 35th anniversary exhibition “Latgale – the land of my new days”. Every year FAAS “Dzīpariņš” participates in the campaign “Meet your master!”.

Organizational meetings take place every Wednesday from 11.00, but at least twice a month on Tuesday evenings there are creative workshops.

FAAS “Dzīpariņš” operates in Rezekne, Brāļu Skrindu Street 3 (Culture House 2nd floor)

Contact information

Leader Anita Kairiša
Contacts: tel. +371 25880259,
Studio operates in Rezekne Culture House

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