Chapel “Dziga”

The dance collective and chapel “Dziga” was founded in 1991 and its goal is to popularize folk dances and melodies of Latgale region, which are often collected and identified by themselves, and to create dance and music programs rooted in folklore. The arrangements of folk melodies and new works by Gunārs Igaunis and the chapel’s musicians based on the foundations of traditional music are very special. The folk songs sung in Latgalian by the chapel “Dziga” are based on ethnographic sources, and they are the main basis for dance choreographies created by Ilmārs Dreļs.

7 musicians play in the chapel “Dziga”, each of them plays at least three folk musical instruments, such as kokle, zither, drum, recorder, accordion, violin, percussion instruments, etc. Until 2010, the chapel was led by Gunārs Igaunis. Currently, the leader of the chapel is Dace Baltkāje.

The chapel organizes and participates in folklore expeditions in Latgale, performs important work in identifying and popularizing the folklore of the region. The music material collected and compiled as a result of the expeditions has been recorded on several CDs: “Dzīd’ voi raudi tautu meita” (2000), “Zaļā duorzeņā” (2001), collaboration with Latvian chapels in the recording studio “Upe” project “Danco Dievis” (2001), “Jančuks-dancuks” (2006), “Līc, māmeņa, vainuceņu” (2008), “Gotovs” (2013).

In 1998, at the General Latvian XII Dance Festival in Rīga, the program of the Latgale region “Latgalian dance games” was danced with the accompaniment of the chapel of the dance collective “Dziga”.

The chapel “Dziga” has extensive concert experience both in Latvian events and in foreign festivals, city presentations and fellowship events outside Latvia.

Contact information

Leader Dace Baltkāje
Contacts: tel. +371 26488819,
The collective works in Rēzekne Culture House


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