Latgale Culture and History Museum

Latgale Culture and History Museum is located in the administrative center of the city, near the Latgale Liberation Monument „United to Latvia”. In the square opposite the central entrance of the museum, anyone can stop and take photos of the monument of the poet, artist and former museum worker Antons Kūkojs (1940–2007) (opened in 2012). In the summer months, the legend of Princess Rose is reminiscent of beautifully blooming roses. The museum is a participant of the “Family-friendly place” and social campaign “Child-friendly place”. The exhibition halls are located on three floors, and are easily accessible by elevator. By visiting the website of the virtual museum, you can learn an educational game about pottery “Clay transformations” and 500 masterpieces of Latgale ceramics from the museum collection.

The museum was founded in 1959 as a branch of the Ludza Local History Museum and is located in the building where the Latgale Central Museum was located until the Second World War.

Since 1960, the museum has been operating independently as the Rezekne Local History Museum, opening its first exhibition. According to the nature of the collections and the content of the work, in 1990 the Rēzekne Local History Museum was renamed the Latgale Culture and History Museum (LCHM), and since 1989 the museum’s reading room has been opened to visitors.

In 1996, Rēzekne City Municipality handed over a three-storey building for the needs of the museum next to the museum’s central building, where the LCHM Exhibition House starts operating.

In 2010, within the framework of a project financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Rezekne City Council, the museum was reconstructed, during which the exhibition house was modernized and a new extension was built, connecting the historical museum building and the exhibition house in one complex.

Winter season (September 1 – May 31):

  • Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 to 18.00
  • Closed on Sunday, Monday

During the summer season (June 1 – August 31):

  • Wednesday to Saturday 10.00 to 18.00
  • Sunday – 11.00 to 17.00
  • Monday, Tuesday – closed (available for groups by prior arrangement)

Reading room opening hours:

  • Tuesday to Friday 10.00 to 17.00
  • Saturday 10.00 to 16.00
  • Sunday, Monday – closed
  • New exhibitions, events, programs every month
  • Family Day on the 1st Saturday of each month from 10:00. to 18:00.
  • History Moments Stop – on the second Tuesday of each month at 14.00 review of an event in the history of Rēzekne
  • Exhibition “Across the Threshold” dedicated to the centenary of the first Latgale Congress
  • Museum pedagogical programs for pre-school children, primary and secondary school students (advance registration by phone 64622464)
  • “Birthday at the Museum” program for children or adults (pre-registration by phone 64622464)
  • Thematic lectures, presentations, excursions (advance registration by phone 64622464)
  • Thematic and literary musical events to commemorate important memorials and anniversaries in the history of Latvia and Latgale, anniversaries of well-known personalities, book opening festivals, etc.
  • Annual Museum Night and International Museum Day events
  • On-site research services of the museum collection, for reference
  • Museum scientific reading room services
  • Andrejs Paulāns Folk Applied Art Studio is open (director Evija Vasilevska)

“A miracle created by the transformation of clay and fire” – the largest permanent exhibition of Latgale ceramics in Latvia and in the world. Audio guide in Latvian, English, Russian, virtual game “Clay transformations”.

“Rezekne at the turn of the century” – an exposition of the city’s history in the 7 centuries, symbols, personalities, values.

“Latgale Painting” – an art exposition (located in a 19th century mansion at 18 Novembra Street 26). Art expressions in Latgale from the 20th century. 1930s to the present, the works of old masters, their followers and the younger generation of artists.

In the museum expositions, groups are offered overview tours in Latvian, English and Russian accompanied by a museum specialist. For individual visitors – audio guide services in Latvian, English, Russian at the Latgale ceramics exposition.

Museum pedagogical programs – interactive educational classes in the museum, the aim of which is to encourage learning about cultural-historical and social processes, promoting the development of a multifaceted personality and allowing to gain inspiration for further learning. There are 17 museum pedagogical programs for pre-school children, primary and secondary school students, for example, a program on the value of the Latvian cultural canon – Latgale pottery – “Adventures of a lump of clay”, a program about archeology and Rezekne history “Deep secrets of the Earth”, program about Māra or Latgale Liberation Monument “United to Latvia”, program about literature work “The Child of Man” created by Jānis Klīdzējs and Jānis Streičs, etc.

Estimated time to visit one program is 40 – 60 minutes, pre-registration by phone +371 64622464.

Program duration time:

  • All year: “Adventures of a lump of clay”, “How is bread made?”, “Secrets of the depths of the earth”, “Everything about milk”, “For the first time in the exhibition”, “Latgale Liberation Monument – from idea to heart”, “Meeting in Roze city”, “Joint work in Latgale farmstead”, “Dzīpariņš story”, “24 hours in Latgale”, “Birthday in the museum”;
  • January: “Our Own Alphabet”, “year 1991 – time of barricades”;
  • February: “The Child of Man”;
  • March: “Cricket sings behind the stove;
  • April – August: “Ancient plays and games”;
  • September, October: “In the wake of „Perpetual calendar” or calligraphy with ink and pen”;
  • November: “Latvian Freedom Fights”.

Entrance fee to expositions or exhibitions in the museum:

  • For pupils, students – 0,50 EUR,
  • For other visitors – 2,00 EUR.

Guide service in the museum:

  • Latvian language (Russian for grades 1-9) group (up to 30 people) – 8,00 EUR;
  • Russian. group (up to 30 people) – 15,00 EUR;
  • English group (up to 30 people) – 15,00 EUR;
  • Audio guide in Latgale ceramics exposition (in Latvian, English, Russian) 1 visitor – 2,00 EUR.


Atbrīvošanas aleja 102, Rezekne, LV 4601.
+371 64622464, +371 64622778.


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