Rezekne theatre “Yorick” (“Joriks”)

In 1990, a group of Rezekne Russian Folk Theater enthusiasts under the leadership of director Igors Mihailovs founded one of the first independent theater groups in Latvia – theater-studio “Poor Yorick”. T.Suhiņina, G.Voronovs, N.Voronova, L.Beilo, S.Semeņaka, L.Ščukina, V.Petrovs, L.Bočarnikova, V.Zaharevičs and others are in the basis of the newly created studio theater and are former members of the youth studio of the People’s Theater, who work in the theater to the full. Having acquired professional education, together with the artistic director of the theater I.Mihailovs, the productions are directed by A.Pecka, G.Voronovs, V.Petrovs, L.Ščukina, S.Semeņaka. In 2002, the theater changed its concept and, programming itself for prosperity and success, changed the name of the theater, and since then it has been the Rezekne theater-studio “Yorick”.

From the foundation of the theater until 2016, the artistic director of the theater is its founder Igors Mihailovs, who was awarded the title of an honorary citizen of Rezekne in 2001 for his creative work. In 2016/2017 the theater begins with a new artistic director – IIļja Bočarņikovs, a resident of Rezekne, a student of the “Yorick” Children’s and Youth Studio, a graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School and a director.

At the initiative of I. Bočarņikovs, a professional Latvian troupe is formed in “Yorick” in which Laura Atelsone, Kārlis Derums, Kārlis Tols and other actors work. Performances in Latvian are made by professional directors Toms Treinis, Mārtiņš Eihe, Inga Tropa, Georgijs Surkovs, Paula Pļavniece and others. For the first time in the history of the theater in the 2016/2017 season, the Players’ Night Jury nominates a theater production “Trembling tent” (dir. I.Tropa) for the award “Annual Performance for Children / Adolescents”, and the theatre’s name is re-marked on the Latvian professional theater map.

During the season, several productions are made, including musical productions, performances for children and school youth, comedies, dramas, original productions.

Contact information

Artistic director Iļja Bočarnikovs
Contacts: tel. +371 64622182, +371 26554066;

The collective operates in the Culture House of Rezekne National Societies


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